jordan is a graphic designer & lettering artist.

More specifically, I design and build websites and arrange letters out of food. Where I travel is determined by my clients’ location, housesitting locations, AirBnB deals, and a bucket list. Shoutout to Verizon Mifi Jetpacks and the Nissan Altima’s ample trunk space.

bachelor of fine arts in graphic design

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with a Minor in Art History from Utah Valley University. I focused on Typography, including type design, lettering, calligraphy, and typographic combinations.

8+ years of web design experience

I began learning how to design (and code) for web and mobile at Utah Valley University and I’ve been doing it ever since.

variety of clients

From start-ups to national corporations, I have experience working with a variety of art directors, marketing agencies, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

no more ugly websites.

My style tends to lean towards clean, natural, and handmade. Influences include historical handmade typefaces, rural America, and color palettes found in nature. I enjoy living on the road because it gives me the freedom to visit and work with clients across the country.

let's get started