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Making a website doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Start by choosing a template, like one of the options below. Then, I’ll add in your logo, colors, copy, images, and any other customizable features to make the perfect site for your business.

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fancy features


most of your traffic is probably coming from mobile users.


small, family-owned businesses need good websites, too.

super simple

we chat, i give you a checklist, you pay me, you have a website.

photos included

let’s prevent unprofessional photos from ruining your website.

add-on features

is your business special? add elements for an additional cost.

flat rate

no questionable hourly charges or development fees.

how it works

Don’t know anything about making websites? That’s okay.


you + me = website

We’ll take an hour or so to go over your business’ goals, wants, needs, content, existing website, and aesthetic. We’ll also set a timeline; websites can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks from concept to completion.

You’ll be sent off with a checklist of content items that are needed asap. Once the content checklist and 50% deposit is sent over, the design process of the website begins.


get it just right

You’ll receive two homepage aesthetic options as well as a draft for the entire site’s layout. Once a homepage is selected and layout adjustments are made, the homepage will be built as a demo subdomain on my website.

Once the homepage is up, there is a final round of revisions that may be submitted. Upon final approval of the homepage, the entire site will be built to match.


that was fast

Once the final 50% is received, the site and credentials will be transferred over to your domain.

Each site comes with a free 30 day testing period, which means no additional costs for any software updates, bug fixes, or technical support. After the initial testing period, ongoing maintenance and support are available at an additional monthly rate.

super simple single page

for your budget

If your business’ website is a Facebook page, this may be a good starting point. The Wanda’s Antiques template is ideal for those that just need a landing page to register their business online. In addition to standalone storefronts, Wanda’s is great for sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, or businesses on a budget. Don’t let your lack of website prevent people from finding your business!

Wanda’s allows your customers to find your business both physically and on social media, announces any upcoming events or promotions, and lets your customers contact you directly via a contact form. Need a little more? Additional sections are available in the add-on section below.

corporate & professional

The Workplace is a template best suited for professional, office environments that provide services or products. The dark color scheme can easily be swapped for a lighter one, replacing the grays with whites to give a clean, airy feel.

This template is great if you have a large amount of information that needs to be organized in a clean and approachable way. All sections can be adjusted and moved to fit your business’ exact needs. The Workplace is compatible with integration services such as e-commerce stores, appointment booking, and more.

modern, easy-to-manage storefront

for your store

Ready to provide your customers with the convenience and reach on an online store? Ecommerce has never been easier to manage, track, and display. With Storefront, customers can browse, filter, and purchase items and checkout as a guest or as a user. Payment options such as Square or Paypal are easily integrated with your store, so your customers can track orders as easily as you do.

Connect your inventory management system to your website to provide real-time order information for you and your employees. Don’t have an existing inventory management system? No worries – WooCommerce and Shopify provide affordable plans starting at $10/month, and I can help with the setup of your account.

compare templates and customize your website

which one is right for you?


for your web presence
  • custom color scheme
  • custom font combinations
  • customized layout options
  • mobile-ready
  • domain & hosting registration*
  • 10 stock images (if needed)
  • homepage
see wanda's

the workplace

for your business
  • custom color scheme
  • custom font combinations
  • customized layout options
  • mobile-ready
  • domain & hosting registration*
  • 10 stock images (if needed)
  • homepage
  • 3 subpages
  • blog page & setup
  • custom footer
  • custom contact form
see the workplace


for your store
  • custom color scheme
  • custom font combinations
  • customized layout options
  • mobile-ready
  • domain & hosting registration*
  • 15 stock images (if needed)
  • homepage
  • 3 subpages
  • blog page & setup
  • custom footer
  • custom contact form
  • store page
  • ecommerce integration
  • store & item organization
  • item input training
  • user accounts
  • custom product filter
see storefront



page, 3 sections$300
page, integration$400
newsletter pop-up$200
header bar$100
hourly work$75


social media setup$200
post pack (12)$300
newsletter setup$200
blog post$300


business identity$500
vectorize logo$500
custom website$3000
base hourly rate$125


What is 'content' and why do I need it before we get started?

‘Content’ refers to any images, copy, logos, and business information that needs to be on the website. In my experience, the #1 reason for delayed website launches is delayed content. It can be hard to write your own business’ bio, which is why I offer copywriting services at an additional cost to help speed up the process.

Make sure that your copy is proofread for spelling and grammar before submitting. Changing copy on a website isn’t as easy as changing it in a Word document. Any copy revisions that need to be made after the site launches do not qualify under the 30 day testing period and will be billed at an additional rate of $100 per hour.

Click here to download the Content Checklist.

What does 'domain' and 'hosting' mean and how much can I expect to pay?

Domain and hosting fees are a necessary part of having a website. They are fees from the internet, there is nothing I can do to change them, but luckily they’re usually not too expensive. ‘Domain’ refers to your website’s address, mine is Domain fees are charged annually and can range from $10-$100+ per year depending on the popularity of your desired domain.

If your domain is the house that your website lives in, hosting is the utilities. Hosting fees go to the company that powers your website. Hosting fees are billed monthly or annually and range from $4-$20+ a month, depending on the size and complexity of your site.

I use GoDaddy for all of my clients (unless you prefer otherwise) because it has reliable hosting services and great technical support.

Do I get a discount if I have an existing website?

No, sorry! Giving an existing website a facelift is just as labor-intensive as starting from scratch.

What is the payment schedule? Do you offer payment plans?

The normal and preferred payment schedule is 50% deposit upon content submission, 50% upon completion with a $500 kill fee after signing.

However, I do offer payments over $1500 to be split into three payments, 33% upon content submission, 33% before the final round of revisions, and 33% upon completion with a $500 kill fee after signing.

How do I make payments?

I accept PayPal via, as well as Venmo and Square.

I do not accept checks, as my P.O. box is in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I rarely check it.

What is the 30 testing period for?

Even though your website has been tested, retested, and tested again for bugs and broken links, occasionally one may slip through. If this happens, simply shoot me an email and I’ll fix it asap. After 30 days, any site maintenance, copy updates, software updates, or any kind of tinkering with the site will be an additional cost.

This does not mean I don’t stand by my product; it just means that I cannot control whatever Wordpress or plugin updates may interfere with your site, or if you hired your little brother’s bff to update your site and he broke it. Ongoing site management services are available at monthly or hourly rates.

I want my customers to shop, book appointments, or make payments through my website. Is this possible?

Short answer, yes. There are many companies that provide software for booking appointments, taking payments, and ordering products online, that can be easily integrated with your site. This software is usually an additional monthly cost and is not included in my pricing.

How do I make future changes after my website is completed?

Once your site is completed and the credentials are turned over, I will walk you through basics such as how to make minor copy changes, add a blog post, or change out an image. Once the site is turned over and past the 30 day guarantee, any additional changes, including those related to functionality, will be charged at an hourly rate.

Basically I am not responsible if you break your website trying to fix something on your own.

Why do you charge for extra revisions?

Extra revisions = extra time. Charging for extra revisions encourages clients to really take a good long look at your website before sending over the list of revisions. Having two revision phases prevents the dreaded week-long slow trickling of emails that contain a single revision or two.

Do I get a discount on graphic design services after my website is built?

Yes, returning customers get 20% off logo and branding services.

How is it so affordable?

I’ve spent a few years making custom websites and I realized that many of them contain the same basic elements. So I made basic templates to use as a starting point, cutting setup time in half. I’ve talked to dozens of small business owners who cannot afford (and don’t need) a custom made-from-scratch website, so using a pseudo template is a great option.

Can we meet in person?

Depends. On larger projects, a business trip can be arranged at a negotiated price. If I’m in the area and not busy, then probably. Unless it’s an organized business trip, I cannot make any guarantees of my location at any given time.

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